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Cindy Mayberger
I originally came to Ometz to find a job. I met with Natalie Lang, an employment counselor, and she was fantastic. She detailed the job search process and showed me exactly how to help myself, includi...

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Arlene Fels
Arlene Fels was born with a disability that could have prevented her from obtaining meaningful work. Her perseverance and positive attitude towards life led her to JVS, where she was employed for 19 y...

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Amanda Lapkovsky
I always thought I would have a lifelong career working with children, but the more I did it, the less I enjoyed it. I hated the idea that one day I may start to resent the children, so I knew I neede...

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Kylie Huberman
I first came into contact with Ometz through Concordia University. I was a student studying Human Relations as my major and Human Rights as my minor. In order to graduate, I had to partake in a fieldw...

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Tahany Okby
As a Master of Social Work student at McGill, I got to participate in a program called ICAN. Amal, the program coordinator, got in touch with Marcie at Ometz, who is now my mentor/community organizer....

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Robyn Bennett
I was looking for a job about 7-8 years ago, and I was searching through traditional sources until someone suggested I see a counsellor at Ometz. I met with Cathy Grundman and we talked about my skill...

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Ibtisam Khasawneh
I am a Jordanian social work student studying abroad at McGill, and I am part of a program called the ICAN Fellowship. Part of the program’s guidelines was to become familiar with organizations in M...

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David Leitner
I heard about Ometz beforehand, but I wasn’t familiar with the Small Steps camp program. I believe my wife saw an ad in one of the local papers that intrigued her to make a phone call.Small Steps wa...

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Rob Fainer
Eight years ago I was paired up with a nine year old boy named Josh. It was a spring afternoon when I got to the apartment where he was living with his mother, and it was really a shaggy set-up, quite...

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Lorne Wolofsky
As the old axiom goes, “It’s a full time job finding a full time job.” I never realized how prophetic that saying would turn out to be. After 14 years with the Montreal Gazette, I felt I had ...

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